The Berkshire based indie outfit Rila’s Edge has been winning over fans with their anthemic stadium indie rock. Through thousands of hours rehearsing and songwriting, they have nurtured a nostalgic sound that is reminiscent of rock bands of the early 2000s but seen through a modern pop lens. The tracks are set apart by driving, distinctive vocals with comparisons made to early U2, Foals, and The Killers. 

The band’s humble beginnings can be accredited to a bundle pack of low-quality microphones, a four-track interface, and the pure youthful enthusiasm of two lifelong friends Alfie Harris and Charlie Kennedy. This drive and passion lead the pair to pursue music at college, where they met Ollie Hedin whilst sneaking out for a cig on the first day of term. With their musical tastes perfectly reflected in this young Kooks-esque looking chap from Essex and shared fandom of the likes of The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, and Tame Impala, the trio gravitated together and began writing immediately.  

The lower end of their sound was supplemented by bassist Rorie Williams, later to be replaced with George Maclean, becoming the fourth element of the group. Rorie’s background in music predominantly fell into the funk genre which aided further exploration of other musical pathways and pulled the band closer together rhythmically. George ‘One Take’ Maclean, on the other hand, came from a more grunge/ rock background. He managed to splice his extensive library of influence with some of Rorie’s funk playing, shaping, and moulding the overall sound into what it is today. 

Boasting not only a multitude of sold-out shows including The Camden Assembly, Boileroom, Tooting Tram and Social, and the Bedford Arms. The group has also worked with a number of mentors, producers, and musicians over the years including one former ‘Prodigy’ member Kieron Pepper and ‘Neon Island’s’ Carlos De Los Santos. The ‘indie prince’ Jacob Green and long time friend of the group became the last piece of the puzzle, thickening their live sound and helping to complete the group dynamic. Leading from the success of their first four singles, the band will be following up with a load of catchy, punchy, and crisp music into the new year and throughout 2021.